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The Organization- Bella Health

  • Coco Cofounded in 2011 continues to operate and fulfill the vision that Coco set up. The organization strives work to empower women to have reproductive health care through health education and access to specialized reproductive health care services. The programs have changed a bit but the vision has not. The vision that women have access to make informed reproductive health decisions remains. One of the successful programs- adolescent reproductive health education has flourished and been replicated in other states and communities since it was so impactful. Coco is using the data collected from this program for her DrPH dissertation.
  • Please visit the organization she cofounded:
    Coco’s passion for Woman’s Health, woman’s empowerment, reproductive freedom, access to reproductive health care brought her to India. She believed she had found a niche that would allow her to create an innovative, impactful program. It was combination of skill, knowledge, analytics, professionalism, enthusiasm, heart and determination.
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Coco’s love for animals is not unique. Her stories are not in silo. There are thousands of people working all over India and other places in the world to better the life of animals. This is the link of the shelter that Coco was affilited with and continues to work for animal welfare in India:

Raahat Animal Sanctuary
Help Animal in India

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