Bail Rejection

September 24th, 2015 Highcourt of Uttarakhand at Nainital   Hon’ble Mr. Justice (Hon’ble Judge In-Charge) With all due respect your Honorable Mr. Justice, I am the mother of Coco Smith whose bail case was before you today.  I plead for you to please read the medical reports from the treating physicians on behalf of my daughter during the period of her medical bail that you generously granted to her in an effort to obtain reasonable health care. My daughter Coco is still suffering from serious conditions she acquired while in jail. She is currently an inpatient at Synergy Hospital for the past week and was also transported by ambulance to CMI Hospital and was an inpatient there for eight days during August 2015.  Her family have traveled from America to Dehradun India in order to assist her in her medical treatment and care. I invite you to please read the attached letters (4) written on behalf of Coco by her treating physician regarding her complex medical conditions.   I am fearful that upon return to the Dehradun Prison that Coco’s health will quickly deteriorate which is confirmed by the physician letters (attachment) who advise against her return to the prison.  Respectfully, your Honor, I value my daughter’s life and I am confident that your decision regarding her medical bail is a matter of her life or death  and ultimately her life is in your hands. Coco was on the brink of death at the time she was granted medical bail at the end of July 2015 as a result of the prison conditions,  medical neglect, and human rights violations.  It is against the unanimous recommendations of various medical professionals that the High Court of Nainital remand Coco to the Dehradun Prison, hence the same environment that took her to the brink of death just less than 2 months ago.
Honorable Justice, I pray that you will reconsider your decision of 24/09/2015 and grant my daughter Coco an extension on her medical bail in which she complied fully to all conditions set forth.  Coco has yet to have any charges framed against her, she has not been found guilty of any allegations against her, and yet she has been imprisoned since January 2015.   
Please have mercy on Coco, we are confident that the charges against her will ultimately be dismissed. 
Respectfully yours,  Rosemary A. Nowak