Force the parliament to hold Narcotic Crime Bureau Officials accountable for violating my sisters Human Rights and Constitutional Rights, My sister has been illegally detained in India for the past 7 months. She is languishing in jail. Her trial has not been started. The NCB official put bogus charges on my sisters to have a “sensational media case” Her trial has not started, no charges have been put on her. She is only languishing in jail based on prima facei evidence in a botched investigation.


In January 2015 I was arrested by the Narcotic Crime Bureau (N.C.B.) in the New Delhi Airport for unfounded charges. Since January I have suffered several human and civil rights violations, at the hands of the Zonal Director (i.e.Senior Superintendent of Police), the Superintendent (i.e. Deputy Superintendent of Police), and the Intelligence Officers of the Narcotic Crime Bureau, as have  numerous others like myself.  I believe that I am being targeted for my efforts to deal with gender based inequalities in health, and have been wrongfully accused of crimes I did not commit.


I have suffered numerous assaults at the hands of N.C.B. Intelligence Officers. Below is a summary of these accounts:

Account 1: On the day of my arrest the male N.C.B. Intelligence Officer Kamley assaulted me. He kicked me in my leg 4 times, he slapped my face, he slammed my laptop shut, and hit my phone out of my hand. N.C.B. has tried to cover up this assault and claimed it never happened. In an effort to substantiate my claim of assaults at the New Delhi Airport, I respectfully requested video surveillance and for a polygraph test of Officer Kamley. Additionally I have the support of the US Embassy staff who were on the phone when the assault occurred. Unfortunately the call was not recorded.


Account 2: After Intelligence Officer Kamley assaulted me, he threatened to torture me. He forced me into an unmarked vehicle, and asked me, “Have you ever been tortured, and are you looking forward to being tortured?” I have never been threatened to be tortured and desperately feared for my life. When I informed the Zonal Director at N.C.B. in Delhi about the assault and esa dog proposed torture, he told me to “forget it” and brushed off my complaint. There are few protocols set in place to deal with assaults upon individuals in police custody, and those that are in place were blatantly disregarded by Intelligence Officer Kamley and the Zonal Director at N.C.B.        


Account 3: The Zonal Director and Intelligence Officer Kamley forced me to sign a statement. When I requested a lawyer be present, the Zonal Director stated, “If you insist on your lawyer being present, you will be deemed uncooperative.” I feared not only for my safety due to the assaults and threats of torture, but the denial of food, water, and sleep for the past several hours that I was in custody. I succumbed to the pressures and signed several documents. I do not know what I signed and at this point was not presented with the nature of the pending charges against me.


Account 4: At approximately 10pm I was forced into an unmarked car and forced to sit among eight large men. They were all in plain clothes, with no form of identification, and would not stop staring at me in very perverse manners. To state that I was intimidated is an understatement. I had no idea where I was being transported to, no way of contacting any of my friends or family to inform them of the situation, and stripped of my right to a lawyer. At some point I was forced to exit the car, when I was approached by one of the eight men, he forced me to sign documents.  I raised concerns that I was unable to read the document because it was too dark, the unknown man merely grunted in response. I feared for what would happen if I did not sign, so I wrote an illegible signature. I had no choice but to succumb and sign the documents without reading them, on the hood of an unmarked vehicle, in a residential area in New Delhi very late that night(another illegal act). I was then transported in an unmarked vehicle to Dehradun, India, which is an approximately six to eight-hour car ride.


The torture, turmoil, and illegal tactics used by NCB officials must be stopped immediately. I came to India to improve access to reproductive and general health services for women. At this time I have suffered such hardship that I will have to distance myself completely from this organization, which is heart breaking for me. I sought to change the gender bias in this nation, and have found myself on the receiving end of discrimination and downright human rights violations. This travesty of injustice highlights the perils of the Indian judicial system, the rampant corruption that will defame India and will prevent foreign investments, despite Prime Minister Modis diligent campaign efforts to attract and increase foreign investors.


I hope you will join me, sign this petition, and spread the word of such blatant human rights violations in India. I thank you for your help and support during this very grueling time. If you are able to donate to my CrowdRise Account these funds will be used to support me while I am in Dehradun Prison and pay my lawyer fees. Thank you for any and all support!


In 2011, I started the organization Bella Health, a non-governmental agency that focuses on female empowerment in regards to their health and education. I have been living in India since 2011 and have faced many adversities while developing Bella Health, largely regarding corruption in India. My mission to alleviate inequities in female health, have not necessarily given me a lot of supporters in the Indian Government.

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